New “Studio Masters” Released.

Writing by zopa on Monday, 31 of October , 2011 at 7:05 am

Disques Dreyfus through digital download web Qobuz, released last October 21 new editions of Studio Masters (sound files taken directly from the mixing console, high quality, sampled at 24 bit/96 kHz. ) of the albums “Oxygene”, “Equinoxe” and “Magnetic Fields”.

This release (which was announced months ago in Fairlight Jarre) follows the path opened by the Studio Master edition of the album “Rarities”. The price of these digital downloads ranging from 11 to 14 euros.
More info here on the website of Qobuz.

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“Rarities” Album in Vinyl

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 5 of July , 2011 at 7:17 am

The “Rarities” album, by Jean Michel Jarre, is going to be released on vinyl in a few days, according to Francis Dreyfus Music. This release will contain a 180 gr vinyl and a gatefold sleeve.

As Fairlight Jarre previously reported, Francis Dreyfus Music will release “Oxygene“, “Equinoxe” and “Magnetic Fields” in vinyl aswell.

You can already reserve this album on Fnac France and Amazon France.

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Studio Master versions for “Essentials & Rarities”, “Oxygene” and “Equinoxe”

Writing by M. Angel Esteban on Tuesday, 24 of May , 2011 at 3:15 am

As previously reported, “Essentials & Rarities” will be for sale  (actually only under reservation) as digital download from some Music Stores in Internet… but this will include only the “Rarities” volume..

Some French Stores will also offer the “Studio Master” version of the album. According our info coming from DISQUES DEYFUS, those Studio Masters consists in 24bit Wav files which gives us the complete feel of the original CD. It should also be noted that the tracks included in ”Essentials &Rarities” comes directly from the original Master tapes and were mastered by PATRICK PELAMOURGUES in HD.

But “Rarities” will not be the only the first album released in Studio Master quality… “Equinoxe” and “Oxygene” versions are also expected very soon in this format. is the only french website at the moment with a Studio Master option of “Rarities”, but other french websites are going to join this elected club in the next weeks.

FAIRLIGHT JARRE would like to thank BENJAMIN GUYOT, from DISQUES DREYFUS, for his kindness and support

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More on “Essentials & Rarities”

Writing by zopa on Thursday, 5 of May , 2011 at 12:41 pm

Thanks to Danielle Feuillerat and Benjamin Guyot, from Disques Dreyfus, we have the first images of the artwork of the new compilation album “Essentials & Rarities“.

In the FDM web, you can hear some excerpts from both albums. Patrick Pelamourgues was the technician who mastered the two CDs in high definition (96 Khz, 24 bits).

Jean Michel Jarre has presented the compilation to a group of representatives of music distribuitors in his private studio in Bougival. There are some promotional copies given to the press and to TV and radio stations in order to market the album in the media.

You can download the EPK in english:

And in french:

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Essentials & Rarities: The Tracklist

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 19 of April , 2011 at 7:03 am

This is the confirmed tracklist for the forthcoming Essentials & Rarities album:

1. Souvenir Of China 3’59
2. Oxygene 2 3’12
3. Arpegiateur 6’16
4. Oxygene 4 4’14
5. Equinoxe 4 6’42
6. Calypso 2 2’28
7. Zoolook 3’52
8. Magnetic Fields 1 5’20
9. Magnetic Fields 2 4’02
10. Equinoxe 5 3’55
11. Industrial Revolution 2 2’22
12. Rendez Vous 4 3’59
13. Gloria, Lonely Boy 5’30
14. Oxygene 6 6’21
15. Space Of Freedom 8’02

1. Happiness Is A Sad Song 5’53
2. Hypnose 3’29
3. Erosmachine 2’58
4. La Cage 3’23
5. Chanson Des Granges Brûlées 2’45
Song Of The Burnt Barns
6. Windswept Canyon 7’39
7. The Abominable Snowman 0’52
8. Deserted Palace 2’22
9. Le Pays De Rose / Roseland 2’01
10. Rain Forest Rap Session 1’40
11. Black Bird 3’06
12. Music Box Concerto 2’41
13. Iraqi Hitch-Hiker 2’25
14. Les Granges Brûlées 3’13
15. La Cage Vitalic RMX 4’16
16. Erosmachine Vitalic RMX 3’45

Also we were informed by Disques Dreyfus about the release of the disc of Rarities, Oxygene, Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields in vynil.

We would like to thank Daniélle Feuillerat from Disques Dreyfus, for her kindness and support.

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Essentials & Rarities: 30/05/11

Writing by zopa on Friday, 15 of April , 2011 at 7:07 am

The eagerly  awaited Essentials & Rarities album, the first work of Francis Dreyfus Music and Jean Michel Jarre together on almost ten years, will be released next May 30.

The album will contain two CD’s, in a limited edition:

- Essentials: A tribute from Jarre to Dreyfus, who passed away last year, with some excerpts of the albums published by FDM.

- Rarities: For the first time, this CD will contain some pre-Oxygene works and from the time that Jean Michel Jarre studied in the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Muscales) with his guru, Pierre Schaeffer.

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“Memories & Rarities” New Album in 2011

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 21 of December , 2010 at 7:00 am

We can already announce that 2011 will see a new Jean Michel Jarre album.

This album is called “Memories & Rarities”, a double CD album which includes hits, inedits and pre-Oxygene material.

The launch of the album is due to be held on the three first months of 2011.

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“L’Aventure Motors” Tribute to Francis Dreyfus

Writing by zopa on Friday, 15 of October , 2010 at 6:22 pm

“MOTORS is one of the adventures of my life as a producer, the most energetic, unique and rich in improbable encounters”. Francis Dreyfus, founder of DISQUES MOTORS and DISQUES DREYFUS.

Since September 27 is on sale a triple CD compilation entitled “L’Aventure Motors”, published by Disques Dreyfus, containing a collection of songs and artists representative of this famous French label MOTORS throughout its existence. The project was coordinated by Laura Dreyfus, daughter of the late FRANCIS DREYFUS, and pretend to be something of a tribute to the career of this unusual and innovative producer. Its preparation has used the original tapes of the recordings have been remastered at the legendary Studio Ferber in Paris by René AMELINE, contributor to JARRE in studio and in one of his most important recordings.

(Read more…)

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Jean Michel Jarre Live – 3 Cults Concerts

Writing by zopa on Monday, 22 of February , 2010 at 3:23 pm

Next March 1st, Francis Dreyfus Music will release a box, only on digital format, with three classic Jean Michel Jarre live albums: The Concerts in China, Houston/Lyon and Jarre Live, with the same tracklist of the remastered version of 1997. You can buy this digital release in the following website:

Thank you very much to Víctor Manuel (from Fairlight Jarre) and Danielle Feuilerat (from Francis Dreyfus Music) for this information.

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New Francis Rimbert DVD: Live in Lyon 2007

Writing by zopa on Monday, 10 of November , 2008 at 9:04 am

The new DVD from Francis Rimbert, Live in Lyon 2007, is out now. This DVD contains the full concert performed at the Victor Hugo Hall in Lyon, November 16, 2007 with a duration of 98 minutes. Also, this DVD features a making of, with a duration of 25 minutes.

This is the tracklist of the concert:

15- RBF

In this concert, joining Francis Rimbert at the stage, were these personnel:

LoL – Guitar
Victor Paillet – Percussions
Nicolas Mills – Master of ceremonies
Angy Line – Vocals & Diva
Simone – Droid & screens

As ever, yo can purchase this DVD at the Czen Productions Store, at the Webshop, and at the Official Spanish Francis Rimbert Store (15 € + shipping costs)

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