Concert In Canary Islands? (Update 03/03/2009)

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 3 of March , 2009 at 9:54 am

Things are going bad for the long awaited concert by Jean Michel Jarre and Brian May for the inauguration of the GTC, in Roque de los Muchachos, scheluded for this very summer.

Few days ago, the press said that the global crisis could concern the accomplishment of the event, tough Dr. Garik Israelian told about this issue to Fairlight Jarre last December.

In other article, the press said that canarian government couldn´t cope alone with the budget of the concert (4 millions €) without the collaboration of private enterprises.

In the other hand, yesterday Fairlight Jarre received an email from Dr. Garik Israelian tellling us, with sadness, that “we have no news yet. Finding out money for this event is not an easy task. And is even more difficult for me, because I’m not into the money’s world. This is a different world where people don’t make things because they enjoy making things happen, but in this world people make things only for money. With regard to the participation of Phil Collins and Brian May in the concert, who cares, if every time there are fewer and fewer possibilities that concert could be staged”.

We hope that all the troubles can be solved for good. Thank you again to Dr. Garik Israelian for keeping us updated with the very last news about this event.

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