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JMJ’s “Mury” to be re-released as part of a Lluís Llach album

Many of you probably know the “Mury” song performed by Jean Michel Jarre in the Solidarnosk concert. What probably a lot of people dont knows is this song was originally released as “La Estaca” by Lluís Llach, a Catalan singer, during the 60’s.

Ok, and what? Here are the news:

Picab Music has just released Si vens amb Mi, a tribute album to the Catalan singer Lluís Llach where some wellknow artists perform versions of famous Llach tunes.

The real new for us is about the 16th track of the album, which is Jean Miche’s Jarre “Mury” song but with a very different title: “Around Mury”. This song is extracted from the Solidarnosk DVD.


This is the first time we see Lluis Llach work officially credited as the original source of the Jarre song since according our sources the Mury/La Estaca track was performed by Jarre in Poland without any knowledge in Llach’s side.

Lady’s and Gentlemen, with you “La Estaca” by Lluís Llach:

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