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Oxygène Tour 2008: Madrid

DAY 2: MADRID: (Translated by Javier Moragón “Zopa”)

The alarm clock rings. It’s 8:00 A.M. It was not a dream… What happened yesterday was for real!! It was so real, that I’ve got a T-shirt. And where is my program?? Oh, yes, Rimbert has it… Would he take it me back signed by Jarre?? Or would be he forgets it somewhere as he is such an absent minded person??

Well, after having a quick shower, and after having a big breakfast with Marta and Karel (we don’t know when we would have lunch), we took the baggage and we went very quickly right to the airport (thanks to Marta, she is a brilliant driver; we arrived there in less than 30 minutes).
Meanwhile we were waiting at the airport I enjoyed a very nice chat with Karel. We talked about personal issues, like family, work, etc, etc… Issues that now and then are nice to talk about to discover the human side of every person.

Karel having fun

After a long wait finally we took the flight to Madrid. Of course, we arrived with more than 30 minutes of delay, but it didn’t mind so much. We had plenty of time ahead.
Karel and I took different ways at the underground, because he was going to his Hotel in Gran Via and I was going to meet with another great friend and great person, Dani (Vignemale in the Forum). After leave my baggage in his home, we left there right to have lunch at Bar Al Norte, beside the Royal Palace… And finally we arrived there at 15:30 or so. There was waiting for us the great David (Piscis 13). It was a big pleasure to meet him in person and to share a great menu with him, Dani and Karel.

In Belalúa restaruant: Piscis13 (David), Karel, Dani and Juan

Oh!! It was almost 17:00 h!! I’ve got to call ML to ask her for the pass!!
“ML?? Juan here, are you already in Madrid??
“Yes, but I have no idea where the musicians are, and I’m a bit worried because we must to start the rehearsal!! Call me later, in two hours or so and I will try to tell you something”.
“Buf, what a shame”, I thought to myself. “I think I would not going to have that pass, and, in top of this, Francis has my program and he have to give me back signed!”
So, we left there right to Tigretón, having a more than a nice walk through the historical centre of Madrid (Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, Oso & Madroño)… We left Karel in his hotel to have a little rest and at 18:00 h we were at the door of the famous Tigre. We didn’t wait more than 2 minutes when zopa, Paloma, Punch, Synthetic Man, with his girlfriend, and Echocharlie appeared. What a pleasure meet some of them, and what a pleasure meet again with another after long time (I did not see Synthetic from the Rendez Vous Granada 2001), and, in top of all, what a pleasure was to see again to my friends Paloma, Punch and the greeeeeeeeeeeeeat zopa (the Destiny had been ungrateful with us three times, with the cancellation of three Jarre concerts. Today it will be THE day!!). In everyone’s face were an obvious tension and the typical nerves prior to the concert.
As long as the Tigre was closed, we went to the Fábrica de la Cerveza on Genova Street. On the way there, I sawed them some videos from the Barcelona concert to their great jealousy, and I take the opportunity to call ML again. “Ups, she doesn’t answer the call… Oh, oh, this is not a really good thing”.

The Fábrica was a disaster, because they want to sit us down in the same table. Also there were not “Ron Legendario”, for Punch shame, so, realizing that it was almos 19:00 h, we left the place direction Jim’s (or LinX). Before leaving, we say good bye to Paloma; she had enough of Jarre after the concert in Marigny last December.

In the way to the concert

After never ending 45 minutes trip in the underground (in one of the stations we saw in a giant screen an announcement of the concert!!) we arrived to Campo de las Naciones.

The Underground station were near to the Auditorium, so we went there and, surprise, what a happy meeting, there were, with more people, Paco Dreaming, and Javi from Jumilla with his girlfriend.

It is always a pleasure to meet with good people, but in such an occasion was even more special: Piscis 13, Dani, Karel, Punch, zopa, Echocharlie, Synthetic, Dreaming, Javi… Uf!! What a bunch of good guys three where at Auditorium gates!! After the session of kisses, embraces and all the issues about meeting with friends, I decided to call Rimbert directly.
“Francis?? Juan here.
“Oh Juan, where are you??
I’m at the Auditorium, besides the bus”
Oh, perfect, I will be there in 5 minutes!”

Ok, that was a good deal… I’m going, at last, to make the interview to Rimbert!! And, who knows, maybe I could have a visit to the famous bus!! After five minutes a hurried Francis appeared there and suddenly is besieged by the fans waiting there. They wanted photos, autographs, and so on… Suddenly Francis take me by the neck and brings me out there, telling to the fans “I’m sorry but I’m hurry”, and he brings me right to the Auditorium entrance, giving me an ALL ACCESS pass, which allowed me to accede to the venue like a staff member, taking photos of the rehearsal (no flash), etc, etc. To my big surprise and without realizing I was in the venue!!

The well know ALL ACCESS PASS

In that very moment, the rehearsal did not start yet, so Francis invited me to go to stage and he showed me all the keyboards and the other devices.

ARP 2500
ARP 2500 (back)

I was in that moment totally amazed, and I hardly believe where I was in that moment and how privileged I was!!
After a few moments being there, Francis told me “Oh, Oh, the Boss is here”. I turn my head back and almost crash, literally, with Jarre. He was there, one meter from me.
Francis was so kind to introduce me to Jarre (argh!! What a nerves I had!!). And then I had to leave the stage because the rehearsal was going to start.


I don’t know why, but they were running late according to the initial planning, so the rehearsal was a very quick one. I remember that Patrick Pelamourges, tuned up all the keyboards for the concert, but in the rehearsal Jarre started to play more buttons than he really need (especially the Moog Liberation), so the poor Patrick had to retune every instrument again.

The Moog Liberation still being having problems, and it was 21:15 h. The Auditorium gates were already open (but the gates of the hall itself were still closed), so, outside we could hear the voice of the people waiting at the gates for the concert.

It was 21:30 h. The Moog Liberation still doesn’t works. Rimbert, Samard and Perrier started to be tired of this, and were making jokes about their clumsy boss (they were behind him, so he could not see them). And suddenly, Jarre, left the stage and he was out there to change his clothes, leaving poor Patrick with the problem.

21:40h, musicians have left the stage. Before leaving, Francis make an appointment with me for later the concert in the famously tour bus to make the interview. Patrick is still dealing with the Moog Liberation and I decide to go out and eat something, after a chat with ML, who was in charge of light technician, and with Pierre, one of Jarre assistant, who proposed me to bring me, after the concert, to Jarre’s dress room… Mother of mine!! I couldn’t believe that!!

21:45… I go to the Auditorium hall, where I meet again with all my old friends, and some new ones: CitizenErased, Umbopo, Espejo, PaquiDermo, Alomejo2, Phaedrax, Hal2000… I remember that they were amazed with my pass and I was amazed too while I was explaining it all!!

Then I meet with Víctor (ZZERO) and Patri (Eypos) who where entering there. My God, What a big happiness was to meet them!! We embraced each other, a real embrace, almost with tears in our eyes. This couple has a great heart, and they are, without doubt, two of the best persons that I know. May these words be my particular tribute to them and serve as excuse for not have been with them a little more time.


Uy, I almost forget it!! Minutes previous to the concert, we met with Juan y Medio (John and a Half). Piscis13 went for him, and I offered myself to take a photo all together, when Piscis told me that he did not want a photo with Juan y Medio (John and a Half) but Juan y Medio (John and a Half) took a photo to us!! Jojojojo!! Imagine his face: “Juan y Medio, (John and a Half) take a photo of us” jajajaja!!



I had just the time enough to eat very quickly a sandwich and go to me seat. In this occasion there were no nerves. The fact of being yesterday at Barcelona and the afternoon I had, all this made me to be quite relaxed.
ZOPA!! We are going to succeed it!! After three failed attempts, here we are!!!!


The concert begins.





The concert ends.

Well, the summit moment of the day has come. I’ve been going to meet with Jarre!! So, I went to meet with Pierre, who very kindly, bring me to Jarre’s dress room, while he was asking me who I was, my opinion about the concert, etc, etc.

I was waiting for 4-5 minutes, an eternal waiting for me because Jarre was chatting whit VIPs who assisted to the show (diplomatic, politicians, etc). Suddenly, the dress room door is opened, the VIPs left the room and Pierre come and said to me: “come on, Juan, it’s your turn”. Ais, what a nerves!!
And there I went!! There were about 4-5 people with Jarre. There were Pierre, Fiona, Louis (the substitute of Antoine, ex of Aero Prod who was fired), and someone else who I couldn’t identify. There were champagne and a lot of fruit loads of fruit everywhere. I introduce myself, we shacked our hands. I tell him who I am and what the hell I was doing there. We changed each other some words about the concert and then we said good bye. After a photo, he said me: “Come tomorrow again to my dress room after the concert and we will chat a little more”. Great!! Of course!!


It was a magical moment which really shocked me for a while, so I couldn’t find the exit of the venue, in the labyrinth of dressing rooms, corridors, etc, etc, etc… I have just been in the dressing room with Jarre!! And he appointed me for tomorrow again!!

Well, I took over this, and I went for the next stage of the night: To meet with my friend Francis and interview him (an interview of about 15 minutes which I still have to translate and upload). At last, I found the exit and there were some fans waiting for Jarre. In that moment I was besieged with a lot of questions: “Is he going to appear here??” “When he is going to appear??” “Who are you??”

At last I found Rimbert, who, as usual, was kindly chatting with the fans and he opened the bus door and he invited me to enter, closing the door behind me. In that moment I felt (why to deny it) a really important person and, at the same time, one of the most hated persons of the world.
Francis showed me the bus which it didn’t seem like a bus (he told me that it was better not to make any photos). There were a kitchen, two plasma TVs, 8 beds, a living room, a bathroom, etc, etc. I was really impressed with all the luxury in that bus.

After the brief visit to the bus, we decided went to the hotel, where I could make with calm the promised interview.
– “By the way, Francis, where is my program?? Did you give it to Jarre to sign in it??”
– “Sorry but not, tomorrow I’ll give it to him, ok??
– “Ok, ok (I think I will be without program for ever).

We went to the hotel bar and there, sharing beers, we made the interview, in a very good mood. After the interview, we said goodbye until the day after and said me to have with me the pass in order to accede without problems to the venue and rehearsals in Valladolid.

I still was so amazed that it was impossible to me to feel the reality. I went to the rest of the others were waiting for Jarre. And, at last, at 2:00 A.M he appeared to sign items and to take photos with the people who were still waiting for him.


When the aim was reached, the fans disappeared, and after the farewells (very very moving the farewell with my friend Víctor-ZZERO), Piscis13 was so kind to bring Dani, Karel and me to the VIPs of Gran Via where there were having dinner zopa and Punch. We end the dinner at 3:00 A.M and due to our tiredness, we decided to come back to our hotels. More farewells, with Karel (what a great guy), who left Spain to Amsterdam the day after, with Punch and zopa. This last farewell was very very moving as well, with some tears, screaming “We succeeded it!!” (After three failed attempts at Bourges, Albanella and Marigny).

It was almost 4:00 A.M when Dany and me arrive at his home, where still with me mind in heaven, and I slept greatly!!

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