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Oxygène Tour 2008: Valladolid

DAY 3. VALLADOLID: (Translation by Javier Moragón “Zopa”)

After the long last day, we wake up at 11:00 h. We decided to relax because after the Valladolid concert we will were travelling right to Valencia by car.
Dani and I went destination Pucela at 12:00 h. We stopped to have “breakfast”, yes to have “breakfast” at 13:00 at a gas station in the freeway.
At 14:30 we arrived to Valladolid. After few attempts to find a parking for the car, finally we succeeded it and went to Plaza Mayor, where they were waiting for us very hungry. There were Rubén Olmedo, Pacus 73 and Raúl Gonzalo. Once again, I had the same feelings that I had in the past days. What a great pleasure to meet at last Rubén Olmedo, one of the pioneers, and in charge of organization of the 3 first Rendez!!
We were very hungry, so we went to eat to a restaurant. It was difficult to find a restaurant, because it was a holyday in Valladolid and all the restaurants were full of people, but fortunately, we found a good place, with a great menu and it only cost 12 Euros!!

As soon we started to eat, Carlos Ávila (Aeronautic) called me by phone, a good friend who I met at the concert of Francis Rimbert in Suresnes last June, and told me that he was already at the Auditorium, waiting for the musicians. We changed opinions each other and we decided to see each other there after lunch.

In that moment, I called Francis again and he told me that he were already there and that I could go there when I want, because I’ve got my pass and I could do what I want (but not photos with flash).
So, after lunch, we went right to the Auditorium.


Once there, I met Carlos and a tiny group of fans (I’m sorry, I don’t remember their names), and we were chatting about previous concerts, about what we were waiting for this concert, etc, etc, etc.


I could not wait for more time. I said good bye to the people and I entered in the venue.
Showing my pass, there were no problems with anybody, so I could enter without problems. Again, I was so nervous that I couldn’t find the way to stage (what a labyrinth). Without realizing I ended in front of Jarre’s dressing room. The door was open, and in there, there were Jarre with Fiona and Pierre. I said a shy “hello” to them and I left there, but Pierre went behind me and remembered me our meeting with Jarre after the concert. How could I forget that!! (And, by the way, I asked Pierre how to get to the stage).
Following Pierre’s indications, I could get to the stage. The Auditorium was fully lighted up and so empty that it was amazing.


After greeting again the crew (ML. Pelamourges, Samard and Perrier) I went to chat a little with Rimbert, because the rehearsal didn’t start yet. And for my surprise, he gave me back the program signed by Jarre!!

We were chatting for a moment and then Jarre appeared. Then, the rehearsal started. In this occasion the rehearsal was more “rehearsal” than in Madrid. They performed almost all tracks and Jarre stressed specially in the Prelude melody. He rehearsed it not less than 30 minutes, much to the boring of the rest of the crew (even Perrier went to sleep; when he was called by Jarre again, he was really late in appearing).


Something did not work fine. I didn’t what it was, but I felt the tension in the atmosphere (ML felt it too). I don’t know if it was a technical problem, a sound problem, a problem of instruments or whatever, but Jarre only was giving instructions to he people up there, about changing this or that thing. And this entire situation was because the concert was going to be recorded and he wants all perfect (in fact, during the concert, the famous Thomas Alsina was recording on stage, and every musician had 2-3 cameras with them). Fortunately this rehearsal was on time.


Well, time was running out. The rehearsal continued. I didn’t realize at that moment such a privileged person I was. I was in a Jarre concert rehearsal. Or better, I was in two rehearsals. And I was walking around the venue in total freedom. In the photos you can see close ups, stage far, stage right, stage left… It was fantastic!!


The moment of the concert was close. It seems that everything was already. The musicians went to change their clothes and before he goes Jarre went to me, and said me:
– “Hi Juan, I will wait for you in mi dress room after the concert”. Mother of mine!! First of all, he remembers my name, and secondly he remembers what he told me yesterday!! WOWOW!!
Right after this, Rimbert comes to me:
-“And after chat with the boss, I will wait for you in the bus”. Once again, my God!!
And, 30 minutes before the concert, Patrick invited me to enter in the empty stage and to take all the photos that I want to of the equipment, but having care of not touching anything, in order not to have the “old ladies” out of tune. I have no idea about keyboards and other devices, but I did my best. Here it is a small sample of it:


The concert starts…


…The concert ends

After the concert, I quickly went to see ML who, once again, brought me with her to the Jarre’s dressing room. Here I was again, in front of him. And this time, it was a longer meeting than in Madrid. He was interested especially about the opinions of the fans after his 3 concerts in Spain, what concert they liked the most, and things like that. He confessed that the Valladolid concert was the most difficult an the concert with more technical problems.

We exchanged some opinions, laughs and a promise that he will came back to Spain for the famous Outdoor Concert. Then he asked me to give him something for sign in it. Oh, oh… I hadn’t anything to give him!! Nor a CD, nothing!! He took the pass and wanted to sign it, but I said that that pass belonged to Francis, it was not mine. You must have seen his face in that moment!! He would be thinking at that moment: What a shame of fan I have!! And, well, I give him the ticket of the concert to be signed. And in the end, I recorded the video which appears in the web.

After getting out the venue (again I were lost though the labyrinths of backstage) I went right to the bus and I saw that Rimbert wasn’t there. Then, ML confessed me that when Jarre is happy with the result of a concert, he said to the rest of the musicians that they can have dinner with him (!!¡¡). And this is what happened. So, I had to wait for a while for Jarre giving freedom to his crew in order to can say good bye to Rimbert and ML, give him back his pass and record the video which also appears in the web. And thank to them, of course, all their attentions with me and how great they have been those days. It was a magic moment who I will not forget in mi life.


On having embrazed Francis, I thanked to him and he told me that it was not necessary to thank anything because I was his friend (no one more fan or something like that) and for that reason he wanted to have that detail with me.

And the, I went to Dani’s car with sadness because all was going to an end, and, at the same time, the happiness for these great, intense and incredible 3 days which I lived.

I arrived to Benicarló at 12:00, at midday, Thursday the 24th. 72 hours later of being left this city, with loads of illusion and hopes, with loads of nerves and emotion.
And 72 hours later, I arrived with loads of memories, images and moments which I wanted they remain formed in these pages, for not being forgotten ever.
Thank you very much to every one, especially Pierre y ML. And thanks especially to Francis Rimbert, great musician, great friend, and great person.
And thanks to you for having read this!!


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