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Rendez Vous 2008: Tenerife

Time is running out for the annual great event called Rendez Vous. As you know this event takes place at TENERIFE between September 18 and 21, 2008.

Step by step the differerent acts of the event are being concreted, so we can already confirm these acts:

Thursday 18: DJ session by Complexystems @ Santa Blues Bar, Tenerife.

Friday 19: Excursion to Teide. By night, party on at La Laguna, starting in El Tacuyo tabern.

Saturday 20: Lunch at Las Brasas restaurant, and then the Great Concert @ Candelaria Auditorium. After this, and after having the mandatory dinner, more party on.

We have some acts to be confirmed yet like projection of Jarre’s concerts, more excursions, etc, etc.

In the Forum you can find all the updates and news about this eagerly awaited annual event which this year fullfills its 11th consecutive edition.

In the Forum you can find, aswell, all about displacements, accomodations, etc, etc, for this event.

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