Concert in Canary Islands in 2009?

Like most of you know, Jean Michel Jarre and Brian May are planning to make a concert in Canary Islands to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, in 2009.

This collaboration started in the backstage of the Jean Michel Jarre concert in London at the Royal Albert Hall, when Dr. Brian May (from Queen) and his friend Dr. Garik Israelian went to greet Jarre after the show. Then May and Israelian, the real organizer of the project, proposed Jarre to collaborate in this concert-project.

Jarre, delighted with this idea, visited many times Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, the place where is intended to stage the event, and keeps permanent contact with both Dr. May and Dr. Israelian.

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (Institute of Astrophisics of Canary Islands) published a press note about this event, and some newspapers talked about the concert, so it seems that the negotiations are going in the right way.

In the past few days, Fairlight Jarre were in contact with some members of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Dr. Israelian among them, and in his own words “we still have to wait until we know if we have enough money to make the concert happen. If the politicians and some enterprises put money in, we can say that this concert will be the greatest ever staged in this planet. It will be one of the strongest events in the history of Spain (and in the history of the world). I’ve been working in this from 2001/2002 and it has been a lot of work. We have to wait for some weeks to see what happen with all this”.

Fairlight Jarre will try to keep you informed about all issues of this eagerly awaited event. We would like to thank to the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and, specially, to Dr. Garik Israelian and D. Luis Martínez Sáez for their attention and kindness.

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[…] Like we told you some time ago, our aim in Fairlight Jarre was to establish a regular contact with the organization of the Canary Islands concert project that, as you kow, is intended to be staged in 2009. Heading the organization is Dr. Garik Israelian who, again with his kindness, has attended Fairlight Jarre  once more telling us the very last news about de Canary Islands concert project; so, Dr. Israelian told us that “sadly we still have not information about the funding for the concert. I have a meeting with JMJ three weeks ago in Moscow and we talked a lot about the project in Canary Islands. For him this is the project of his life (and, of course, for me and for Brian May too). We are very very excited about this project. We’ve got plans and ideas that will make this project thousand times bigger than the concerts at the Pyramids, Houston or Moscow… I already said to you this, but this concert will be the biggest ever staged in the history of this planet. I have reunited all the scientific community around this project and we are to record the concert in HD (from an international station, making then a direct broadcast from space using different devices). We are fighting with the limits of our imagination and this is what is so exciting for us. […]

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