Future Music Proposal (Updated: 29/10/2008)

Future Music Spain, a lead publication about electronic music & instruments, has offered an interesting proposal to Fairlight Jarre’s highly talented musicians: It’s about to create a conceptual album based in a theme agreed by both the musicians and Future Music Spain. Together with the album, it will be published a brief interview with every musician who takes part in this project. Without doubt this is a great oportunity to expose widely the talent of our great musicians.

You can follow the evolution of this project in our FORUM or reading the following threads: (Link1) (Link2)

Some of the music the musicians involved in the Spanish Jarre scene can be heard in the Fairlight Jarre Music Station, which can be heard clicking in this logo:

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Update 29/10/2008: Our friends of Future Music Spain have published a reference in their website about this interesting project that you can read clicking here. You can also read an online english translation.

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