Concert in Canary Islands? (Update 21/01/2009)

Last January 15, in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Internacional Year of Astronomy was inaugurated by the Director General of UNESCO Mr. M. Koichiro Matsuura who stated in his speech that “Jean Michel Jarre has accepted to be the Ambassador for this International Year of Astronomy and he is going to perform an outdoor concert in Canary Islands next July as part of the events of this Internacional Year of Astronomy”.

This announcement made by the Director General of UNESCO was in total contradiction with what Dr. Garik Israelian said us some weeks ago, so Fairlight Jarre decided to contact again with Dr. Israelian yesterday to know the true about the real progress of the event. So, Garik said us that “I were with Jean Michel in Paris during the inauguration. We are almost everyday in contact with Brian (May) too. There are MANY supporters of this event. Jarre is also doing as much as he can for this event, but we all know that it’s no easy. Next week we’ve got series of meetings in Madrid with politicians, Ministers and important and powerful enterprises. We have found also an astronomer, friend of mine, who is working in the Parlament; is a good guy and he is going to help us very much. Like you see, here we are fighting for the concert. We are very happy with the format of the concert and with more things about the event. We’ll see what happens, but I’m still optimistic”.

Also today the canarian press has stated that the british singer and drummer Phil Collins could join Jean Michel Jarre and Brian May on stage at the “Concert of the Stars” (working title for the event) next July during the inauguration of the GTC as one of the main events of the International Year of Astronomy. This is what Francisco Sánchez, Director of the Institute of Astrophisics of Canary Islands, said to Cadena SER radio station yesterday. 

So, the things remains more or less the same that in December, and, spite of the words of the Director General of UNESCO and spite of the informations in canary press, we have to still be very cautious about this event. They continue in the quest to obtain money (public or private) for the event, and today we still don’t know if this concert will go ahead or not. Thank you very much to Dr. Garik Israelian for his kindness and infinite patience. We will keeping you informed.

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This is actually a very common procedure for most big Jarre concerts; someone gets the idea, the organizers fight for money, things are uncertain, and later than most people whish the concert is confirmed. Nothing unusual, and Jarre has made a carreer out of it, almost. The fact that the pressure is up is very good news.

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