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We are in summer time but Francis Rimbert doesn’t stop working. With the first leg of the tour with Jean Michel Jarre ended, Francis kindly offered this exclusive interview to Fairlight Jarre and

– Once you’ve finished the first part of the neverending In>Doors Tour with Jarre, don’t you feel tired or bored about playing the same music for 2 years?!?!? (I mean, this is an extra-large tour, and we’ve tour dates for March 2010!!)…

It’s not that much wearying to perform these tracks because most of the time the orchestration has been modified and in the other hand  various parts are attributed with constant change. We evolved alot my friends Claude, Dominique and Jean-Michel, on the concept of  LIVE performance. Trying to return to a direct approach of the music ; I.e. to use as much as possible the synthesizers of origin rather than to sample them. Even if it entails to endanger because technically speaking we should recognized that a ARP 2500 is much less safe than a FANTOM ROLAND. It is this way of thinking, this kind of philosophy which makes me feel good for each new adventure. And I am quite impatient to come back on stage in 2010 with some others “oldies” € ! I was speaking about synthesizers ! and not about people on scene ! ….. (lol)

– What are your plans for this summer? Holidays? Concerts? Rehearsals with Jarre?

I am in a period of creativity  with all typical modesty ! I.e. I let my spirit rove around on all that can inspire me. Then I isolate myself into my studio to compose or entrust to my diary what comes to my mind.

No the concerts this summer, (not enough time…) however I’m still thinking and working  on my new forthcoming performance ….

JMJ’s concerts will start again in february 2010…. So actually i’m plainly devoted to my personal projects ! ....

– I know you’re working in different musical projects at same time. Can you please give us more info about them?

Nothing is completely defined actually, …. Still some more patience …

– About “Tabards De Feu” work, will it be released as an ALBUM?

Hahaaaaa !!!! same as above … ! but as soon as i feel ready i’ll let you know FIRST !

– We’ve watch a video where you’re playing “Mephisto” and “Rhapsodie”… what’s that exactly?

It is exactly what I am conceiving, i’m working on. Mephisto is a title which carries me on since more than one year and on which I return pretty often.The original title was to be named in reference to our Hispanic meeting : DON DIEGO DE MEPHISTO ! You know !  It recalls upon my fascination for the character of the devil through the literature and the very well-known masked avenger DON DIEGO DE LA VEGA ! Somehow i somtimes have pretty strange & curious ideas … !

Concerning Rhapsodie the idea behind this project is an album inspired in classical style. I still remember my years in the conservatoire learning piano and sometimes I like to forget the rhytms, plugs, virtual or reals synths and play only piano. In fact I alredy have some compostions that I have recorded every here and there.

To come back with the tour with JMJ, I heard all the recording in a little dictaphone, which I usually take with me, and it encouraged me to compose the whole album. I don’t know yet when it going to be released, but it seems clear that will be this year.

– What can you tell us about your musical project with Dominique Perrier?

I admire Dominique  alot as a person and a musician. I am certain that to work together on our own compositions will be really very constructive. We’re currently on this project !

– You and ML had a very good idea with your studio’s webcam. Shall it continue for more time? Shall we have more videos?

Of course I hope to offer you these pages of my diary, regularly ! I stay for 80% of my life in my studio and we decide  that I should share these moments apart from the time which passes….

– Will we have soon a Francis Rimbert and The Vibes Concert?!?!

Vibes were a specific band created with my friends musicians for these previous concerts. It is an evolutionary entity…. You will doubtless see me with The Vibes but with another formula. Stay tuned !

– You’ve published online a part of your first album, BIONIC ORCHESTRA. You know your fans are very interested in your “old” music (such as April Orchestra, A.L.I.V.E..)… will you re-edit them in CD format or will you put these works online?

I didn’t have anymore the orginal recording related to BIONIC ORCHESTRA; It is thus difficult for us to publish these recordings again. If I put some titles online it is because I discovered on youtube that they had been published without my agreement (no request  or e-mail moreover ! …). I did not want to prohibit them, so I chose to relay them on my websites thanks to, for example, my friend MICHAEL of RADIOEQUINOXE who deals with the technic of my MYSPACE.

– And the last question… shall we have Francis Rimbert in Spain soon?? (Alone or with the boss)

WHO KNOWS … WHO WILL LIVE WILL SEE …! I would be really very happy to come back again to Spain would it be only for the heat of your greeting my Dear friend, Juan !

– That’s all…. is there anything you want to add to this interview?!

just a tremendous big kiss to your lovely baby DANI

Thank you too


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