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Chronicle of a Memorable Evening

Once in Santiago de Compostela, and after a few anxious moments when, because of my proverbial dumbness, misplaced my boarding pass, my brother Punch, our beloved Maestro Raúl Gonzalo and I settled in our brand new hostel apartment Casa Felisa, later known as the “HomoFlat” and after calling Juan to tell him that there were already in Compostela, we were all in the Plaza del Obradoiro. There, like so many times, I felt the thrill of seeing my dear comrades, one of the most special encounters, I think it was mutual, was that of Juan and me: they are many things that he and I have lived, many emails, many projects, and, above all, a great desire to meet again in person was ours, an embrace of the most touching and exciting.

But that does not detract at all the excitement I felt when I reconnect with my dear Dani Vignemale, Piscis, Ecocharlie and meet for the first time in person, after 14 years, Laura, an institution in the world of Fairlight. Also very special was my first encounter with my friend Divo (and woman), a guy that I really wanted to know.
In this way, we went for luncht to a restaurant recommended by Laura, the Orexa, fantastic place where we eated so much by a ridiculous amount. That it the waitress was a lot of ifs and almost throw us by the grace of velvety voice modulated of Complexy, but how we laughed at the so-called “scandalous table.”
After lunch, we headed to a site, also recommended by Laura, to take some coffee. It is the first time I see someone asked about being beaten by a simple cofee and is the first time that a site will charge you for the ice. Unbelievable but absolutely true. After this, we went tto the hostal, to take a shower and change and once made our ablutions, we went Raul, Punch and I do a little sightseeing in Santiago (beautiful city) then, of course, we were drinking a few ciders Trash in a tavern and then became our fetish tavern where we had a hell of discovering pipe Raul pedagogical skills, proving that it can trigger a spiral of violence if it refers to thickness of the arms of the Master, or discovering the habits of the typical Bulgarian (who does not know the typical Bulgarian) …

After that, we headed to the site of the dinner, where I met again with great joy for me, with my beloved Paquillo, the Escartín of Carcaixent and excellent mimic Fraga Iribarne, aswell as Pacus and women, as well as with our beloved Bopo. I am also glad to see again Danee73, which had the detail of approaching to greet us. Speaking of details, which had tremendous one of Divo who gave us a copy of Direct Matin newspaper where, on the cover, featuring the poster from the 2010 tour, thank you very much, buddy. Francis Rimbert was also there, who, somehow, and knowing that my friend Juan was there, I was not surprised to see him there, sharing dinner with us.

At dinner, in fact, I came a little low, except a few, he did not know anybody, I felt like a wedding, and he was pretty tired from the trip, plus Carmen and Palopío had suffered a delayed flight and would not arrive in time for dinner, so expect it to go with them to another site in the Plaza del Toural (venue which hosted the Rendez 2003), where her dinner was enlivened by a beard guy making music with a role.

As we did not really want to drink, we went to the Plaza del Obradoiro, where we were with Juan watching that Jarre was still on stage at about three in the morning. When he retired to his quarters, Juan and I asked Jarre  that it took a picture with which we were there, so Fiona, his manager, made us taht photo and we went to sleep.

The next day at breakfast, we took a joy to see our beloved comradres Saqman and Berni; to lunch we went back to the Orexa site.
Again, back to the hotel to put on the uniform of the concert, take a shower and show our cute “HomoFlat” to our dear friend Le Soleil, with whom we met again that day for our joy. After we went to Plaza del Obradoiro to taking place for the concert. There we meet with comradres like Rendez Jesus (what joy to see him), Madjares and Los Sauces. But one of my most special reunion was with my beloved Alomejo2, who gave me great joy to see again. We stayed at the site where they were, that was a fucking good place to see the concert, and receive visits from Zzero and Patri, Pacotrón, Synthetic Man, I do not know if I leave it to someone else, but, of course, I was glad see them, also I was thrilled to meet in person to David, a fantastic guy thatwas really excited to finally see Jarre live.

So there we were holding up until he started the concert, spent time enlivened by the occasional reherarsals and a risky departure to piss in where I stepped everybody in my way to the WC. The Plaza was beginning to be full of people and to my surprise, there came my brother Juan to give me a backstage pass! The guy had returned to achieve and had the great kindness to get a pass for me too, a tremendous detail on the other hand, because without him and his work we would have not pass or do not have anything. He said that with the accreditation, where we could go everywhere except the main stage, so we talked to met  after the concert to make use of these passes, I was excited to hang one of those badges around my neck, jejejee .

Then the concert itself started and, Mama, famously Crazy Bloke of  Wembley was  nothing compared to. I can assure you that, in the company of Punch and Raul, I literally let the voice and feet bouncing on each song. I jumped in all songs, even in Souvenir of China, something completely inexplicable, shouting, singing, jumping, but we came down in some songs, as were Oxygene 5, Variation 3 Adagio, which destroyed the great atmosphere had formed. But then we came up with great tracks as Rendez Vous 4, Rendez Vous 2, Chronologie 6 (believed to die when it started), Chronologie 2, etc … I loved the concert, totally spectacular, fearsome, and a memorable show…

Of course, the framework was spectacular, and I do not exaggerate when I say that the concert of Santiago is among the most impressive Jarre has done in his life, and saving the logical distance, reminded me Oxygen in Moscow, with difference, in my opinion, that the framework of Compostela was much more impressive than the one of Moscow.

After the concert, and with the adrenaline still in my veins, I called Juan and told me to go to the Parador, which was the “headquarters” of Jarre and his tam to go to see them … There we planted with our holy balls, Juan and I, accompanied by Heide, Rimbert’s friend, to go to have a talk with Rimber himself, Claude Samard and Jerome Guguen in his dressing room.

There I was, with accreditation hanging by the neck, ready to join the suite of musicians  of JM Jarre… And there we went to chat with them while they changed their clothes.  I guess they were wondering who in the hell were the guy that was there in the room but they did not give more importance … With them, we were seeing the end of the televising of the concert. We ask a few autographs and headed for the very suite of Jarre. What we lived was completely surreal, really.

I was at a huge suite with about 10 or 12 people who most of them had seen many times in videos of Jarre: there were Christine Ferreira, the photographer of the concerts, Pierre Garnier, personal assistant Jarre , Fiona, Alain Corrieaux (the sound guy), the mother of Fiona, and some more that I did not know of anything … And there was Jean Michel Jarre himself with the same costumes from the concert (a glitter shirt) sitting on a sofa, eating biscuits and chatting… They began to get Iberian ham, cheese and plenty of drinks of all kinds … What struck me most is that with the accreditation that we took you could do there in the suite what you get out of the balls, eat cookies, take ham and drink champagne, and even drink a vodka with lemon. I was a little embarrassed, really, but my brother Juan was very relaxed. Rimbert were talking to us (Juan tried to convince him to go on vacation to Saint Tropez) a good time with this coolest guy, really, for us and we took pictures with him, Samard (whit an hilarious picture with ham as protagonist) and Gueguen.

As I said Jarre were talking and talking  and there were some surreal situations as he brought his laptop and made us all a Youtube video where he left a Brazilian gynecologist doing a performance of Oxygene 4 by “fart” with his hands. Jarre was literally almost diying by laughing, so that eventually began to clapat the end of the performance. It was also hilarious when Jarre went to change to get the tracksuit “Jarre Enterprise” and moved there, without closing the door or anything, as his musicians did before.

Following this, Juan and I were talking one time with Jarre face literally lit up when we said we were the admins of Fairlight Jarre and the Spanish translators of the  official JMJ website. The guy was really happy  (a genuine happiness) and do not know the times we were thanked for our work, he said that the future was going to work much more with our website (maybe true) and that our work was important for him. Even in a moment of exaltation of friendship, when we parted from him, to go shake his hand, Jarre embrace us with a bear hug  back to thank us again about our work.

We stayed in this suite a couple of hours at least and then Jarre went down to sign a few autographs for fans who were waiting, and he left the site by car … It was nearly 3 am.

After that  Raul, Punch, Zzero and I we went to have some drink.
And finally today, we said goodbye to Santiago and our beloved friend Raul, who started in his drive to Salamanca. At the airport we met with Jarre and his team, who were waiting to catch a plane to Paris, where, after saying goodbye to Paquillo, he caught the plane to Valencia, Palopío, Carmen, Punch, and I Alomejo embarked on the plane to Madrid.

From here to say that we  missed guys like Dreaming, Ever, Oxy, Molossus, Ghost or Pepote that for some cause or other, could not come.

And finally a very special memory for my brother Punch  and Raúl; with them I’ve been truly happy for two days. We laughed as Cossacks. Thank you, my dear comrades.
And, of course, another very special memory for my friend, my Partner in Crime and my brother, Mr. D. Juan Gomis; he has managed, once again, that our most crazy dreams have come true. We are great, my friend.

And, of course, to thank Jean Michel Jarre and his team, especially Francis Rimbert, Claude Samard and Jerome Guguen, by the unforgettable concert and wthe kind treatment bestowed on us in the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos .
I think I am right when I say that all who had the great fortune of going to that concert will never forget this date: July 31, 2010.

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Hello spanish friends ,I am a french fan of Jean-Michel Jarre since a long time . I search a DVD copie of the JMJ concert in Santiago De Compostela , 31 TH july 2010 . Is it posible to make a copy for me ? But , only , DVD + R or + RW . I can trade with a DVD with the french promo TV about the ” 2010 ” tour in France .
Thank you . Viva Jean-Michel Jarre !

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