Interview With Íker Jiménez

Íker Jiménez is a very famous spanish journalist, hosting very successful TV and radio shows, writer and… fan of Jean Michel Jarre. He has just released a double CD album (“Cuarto Milenio”) containing, among others, three JMJ tracks. Íker, very  kindly, has given this moving interview to Fairlight Jarre.


Concert-Tribute to Jean Michel Jarre

Within the “Electronic Music Festival d’Esplugues Iguana 2010” to be held on 18th December at the Cultural Centre l’Avenç d’Esplugues de Llobregat, the group DB Synthetik will give a concert in tribute to Jean Michel Jarre. They tried, in the adaptation of the tracks and production, a sound as close as possible to the original. […]

Concerts Reviews

London 10/10/10 Chronicle

Fairlight Jarre, with the help of Ángel Aramburu, was present at the concert which featured Jean-Michel Jarre in London last October 10, 2010 (the already well-known 10/10/10 concert). Here we detail the chronicle of the concert: