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London 10/10/10 Chronicle

Fairlight Jarre, with the help of Ángel Aramburu, was present at the concert which featured Jean-Michel Jarre in London last October 10, 2010 (the already well-known 10/10/10 concert). Here we detail the chronicle of the concert:

I stepped out the train at the Norh Greenwich stop, east of the city, quite far from downtown and relatively close to the Docklands. Dozens of others came out of this modern station. A few more steps and you’re done, there rises before me the great tent of the Millennium Dome, now known as O2 Arena.

The atmosphere is excellent. In the background I can see the skyscrapers of the financial district and a sunset with a completely clear sky. I spent a week in London and I have not seen the rain; paradoxes of life.

O2 Arena dome  is much larger than it may appear in video or photographs. Once inside, the grandeur continues to amaze: lockers, restaurants, merchandising area (where I bought a poster), restrooms, retail technology, … In short, a huge temple of great events wrapped in a futuristic feel.

I went to the access of the main arena. There the secrurity guys searched my bag and the bag of food. As a curiosity, that I was first asked to remove the cap from my camera lens and they carefully observed it. Then they  grabbed the water bottle, took his cap and returned to me as it is. My face must have been a poem, unaccustomed to this.

Finally, stepped in into the concert hall, similar in appearance to a sports hall for basketball, but full of seats. The atmosphere felt something foggy with powerful fog machines. In the background, of course, “Waiting for Cousteau”.

Musically I think I can contribute little to this review, because the tracklist was identical to that of Santiago de Compostela and to the rest of the 2010 tour and also the concert was broadcast over the Internet. So, what made it different from others? As a bit of everything. The setting, the date … For those who have spent years following JMJ maybe this could be another concert of the tour but, admittedly, the concert does not lose an ounce of showmanship and pull.

The lights dimmed and the show began to reverse than usual Jean Michel: one counts forward from 1, with numbers on the screen tripled, reaching the magic and case number: 10 – 10 – 10.

Then, three spots are concentrated at the opposite end of the stage. Jarre out there which superstar, throwing kisses and greetings while descending the stairs. The synths are mixed with hops, greetings and cheers of welcome.

Jean Michel welcomed the presence of all, said he was happy in his return to London area and highlighted the fact of holding the concert at a venue called “O2” and the aforementioned magic date 10-10-10. For my taste, so this little speech, as delivered night over night, seemed quite dull.

Then, the well known repertoire, but in my particular case, I enjoyed it a lot. If anything I can point out above all is the sound quality. I have never trusted this kind of acoustic enclosures. Anyone who has visited, for example, opera houses have noticed the special architectural details in the room so that the audio quality is impeccable. Here, fortunately, make out the chords and it sounded bad any instrument except by human error.

The fact is that from “Oxygene 2” to “Calpyso 3” Jean Michel showed off his skills as a showman. He kept jumping, dancing, excited, run around the stage or reach moments of apotheosis as the improvisations of Oxygene 5, which always reminds me of those madness of Jamie Cullum at the piano.

The whole concert was spectacular. The audio was excellent and the quality of images projected on screens and laser effects were also impeccable. In my humble opinion, may have been one of the best shows French artist has done indoors in recent years.

Although there were spectators from various countries, the vast majority of attendees were English, of which we are a demanding audience. And Jean Michel managed to got up the crowd on its feet for jumping and clapping with fervor to the sound of Rendez-Vous 4 and  it was all a big party: Rendez-Vous 2 (awesome), Oxygene 12, …

I listen to music and watching videos JMJ concert since she was a child. I can say that in those moments when I felt like the first day I was astounded. When a man shows that after 30 or 40 years, his music lives on, a “serious” audience starts clapping and jumping, and he fills a room like the O2, then  you get to evoke the biblical phrase “Why they call you Master? “

Then came the famous moment to wave our cell phones to the beat of Calypso 3. This is over. I want more but it is not possible. Jean Michel appreciated our help and said goodbye to London with a desire to return soon.

I was there. Two hours that did not disappoint anyone. To me, despite having attended two months before the concert in Santiago, not disappointed me or seemed repetitive.

Back and in the subway, a tall, shaven head hooligan-like hit me on the shoulder. I look a little upset, why deny it, and then tells me rude tone: “Did you like it?” I watch him more closely and see that wearing a shirt with the cover of Oxygene, so I relax (this people several beers in the body God knows what they want.) sits next to me and tells me that is Scottish, and has been nothing less than 19 concerts of JMJ. His favorite: the 1998 Paris when France won the World Cup. And not only that, but assured me that JMJ will continue its first world tour through Asia and then South America. I do not know where he  get that information, but one would be happy if this happens.

And that really ended my experiences. It was definitely a night I will never forget. If I had to say about the concert, I would do the same way they did the English whose conversations out virtually the same word: Impressive!

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