Interview with Jerome Gueguen

Jerome Gueguen is the new member of the Jarre tribe since de abscence of Dominique Perrier for familiar reasons. Jerome kindly gave this exclusive interview to Fairlight Jarre. (With thanks to Zoolook 1980)

For those who don’t know about you, can you please introduce yourself?

HELLO  I’M JEROME GUEGUEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How were your first steps in music?

I learned classical piano since I was five years old. Later, I studied jazz and harmony.

Did you know about the JMJ music before the beginning of your collaboration together?

Of course! The Music of JMJ is very well known here in France. He is famous composer with great aura.

You went on stage during the second half of the tour 2010, but did you went to any concert of JMJ before you entered in the band?

I saw many shows of JMJ on video (Huston, La Defense, Beijing…)

How were your first meeting with JMJ?

Our first meeting was about ten days before my first show with JMJ. Dominique had presented me to JMJ for replace him for a few concerts.

You  assumed the role of Dominique Perrier during his abscence of the tour. Was hard to learn of his musical parts?

It was hard work because very quick. Dominique helped me during a few days. He was very attentive to explain to me the JMJ’s concept.

How is to work with JMJ? Is he a good boss? And about the band, did you felt integrated in it since the first moment?

Jean Michel is really nice with everybody on the tour but he is also precise about what he wants. Claude helped me a lot on the firsts shows.

How much of Jerome Gueguen are in the parts that you play on stage with JMJ and how much of Dominique Perrier are in those parts?

My position was to be quiet of the Dominique’s  play. With time and shows I understood that the JMJ’s music is really open and authorize liberty and improvisation. Every show is very different.

What is your favourite JMJ track to play live on stage? And what is that JMJ song that is more difficult to play or that you don’t like to play on stage?

It’s a real pleasure to play this set. A lot of Hits !

About what I’ve said before, “RENDEZ VOUS IV”  give me a large place for a kind of improvisation.

Do you remember any funny moments during the tour? And any bad memories on stage?

There is a very good mood on the tour. Big thanks to all with a special mention to Claude, Francis and the Boss JMJ… and Dominique.

In July 2010 you performed that unique concert in Spain, in Santiago de Compostela. Please, tell us about your memories about that magnificent concert.

For me it was my first show whith JMJ in an exceptional place. Great audience!!!

Are you going to be on the 2011 leg of the tour? If so, are you going to visit South America, EEUU and Asia? Any concert in Spain in 2011?

I expect I’ll be there… That’s a nice program.

JMJ is working on a new album due to be released in 2011. Have you work or are you working actually in this album?

Wait for JMS’s surprises.

You play in the mitical band Gwendal and in the celtic band Stone Age, with Dominique Perrier. Please, tell us about your future projects with these bands.

Gwendal will play this year in Spain and Stone Age is working on a new release.

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