Natacha Atlas Interview

Natacha Atlas, the woman who bring “C’est la Vie” to life on the Jarre‘s “Metamorphoses” album, has kindly gave to Fairlight Jarre this brief interview. We hope you enjoy it.

– For those who doesn´t know you, who is Natacha Atlas?

I am a world music singer with Anglo-Middle Eastern and Belgian heritage.


– How were your first steps in music?

With UK band Transglobal Underground and Jah Wobble in the early 90’s


– When and how did Jean Michel Jarre contacted with you to collaborate with him in the album Metamorphoses?

He came to my show when he was writing ‘Metamorphoses’ and asked me to come by the studio to try some things.


– How were the first meeting with him?

He was an incredibly charming guy. Very polite


– Have you ever heard about JMJ before your collaboration? Have you got any favourite album or song of Jean Michel Jarre?

Yes I had heard of him before – and actually I like some songs on ‘Metamorphoses” the best.


– What was your first impression when you heard C’est la Vie for the first time?

I thought it was very interesting and a different approach to my music so we keen to try and do a great job on it.


– Please, tell us about your memories recording C’est la Vie in the Studio with Jarre…

Jean Michel was easy to get along with, very attentive to my needs in the studio. He is completely natural and totally unassuming person. He took very good care of me during the recording and also on tour when we did some shows together. Lovely lovely guy.


– Did you recorded with Jarre any other song apart of C’est la Vie?

No that was the only track we did together.


– How is to work with Jarre? Is he a good “boss”?

He always was extremely gracious. It didn’t feel like he was ‘the boss’. He treated me very well.


– You performed in the great concert of Egypt during the Millennium Eve, and we think that it was a great experience for you. Please, tell us about your memories about this concert, the rehearsals, the concert itself, the mood of the evening, and so on…

Wow – It was an amazing evening! ! There was an atmosphere of such exhilaration. It was something weird and wonderful – a huge event and I am very proud to have been a part of it.


– We heard that, regarding the concert on Egypt, Jarre and his team received some serious threats from the radicals… did this threats put pressure on you?

I was not aware of any of this. I certainly did not have any pressure put on me.


– One month after the Millennium concert, you performed with Jarre in Man Ray Club, in Paris, please, tell us about this concert…

That was a completely different evening. It was more for the press and media so very different that the show in Egypt. It was fine – the Man Ray Club was very exclusive and it was decorated fantastically – I remember that ! We had another great show.


– You made a brief promotion tour with Jarre in some european countries for TV programs, and Jarre talked at that time about the possibiltiy of making a tour in concert halls promoting the album Metamorphoses… Did you made any rehearsal or specific plans together about this tour?

We did some rehearsals together but I don’t recall there be any plans discussed. I really left all of those arrangements to Jean Michel and his management. Of course I was there when he requested rehearsals and we had fun preparing for it but I wasn’t involved in any specific plans.


– C’est la Vie were also performed by the greek singer Mando and the morocan singer Saida Charaf, did you heard their versions?

Ah, no! However I would like to hear these versions – I wasn’t aware of them but how wonderful anyway!


– Do you keep contact with Jean Michel Jarre actually? Would you like to collaborate with him again?

Actually I haven’t seen Jean Michel for years – we both live busy lives! I hope he is doing very well.


Please, tell us about your next musical projects.

I am working on some composing for film and other projects including my new album which will be released in 2012.


With thanks to Liza Richards, from RedOz Music.


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