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We all remember the Irish group The Corrs. Sharon Corr was one of the members of The Corrs, who did a collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre in the track “Rendez-Vous à Paris”, part of the album “Metamorphoses”. Sharon now has a succesfull  solo career with his latest album “Dream of You”. She has been kind enough to give this interview to Fairlight Jarre; we hope you enjoy it.

– How were your first steps in music?

Music was part of my life before I became aware of it, my Mum and Dad had a band together – so music was always being learned and performed in my house growing up! I taught myself how to play piano from a young age, my brother- Jim was fantastic on it so I just copied him and loved it! I started Violin lessons at 6 years old – didn’t enjoy them as much as piano because it was so difficult and disciplined but I am so glad I stuck with it because it has defined me and given me so much to be grateful for in my life!

– Tell us about your memories of your successful experience with The Corrs.

I have wonderful memories of The Corrs, To tour the world- to be loved by audiences all over the world was incredible. Meeting Nelson Mandel was a beautiful experience, what a wonderful man! Meeting The Stones and questing on their shows was sooo much fun! We also played for The Queen in Buckingham palace and President Clinton in The White House! These are such truly unique experiences ad we were very lucky to have them. Playing music is a joy. I have great memories of Spanish audiences – always so warm and great fun!

– How and when contacted Jean Michel Jarre with you?

It was in 1999 the year that Jean Michel Jarre asked me to collaborate with him. I was a big fan of Jean Michel and I was so proud and extremely shocked by the proposal to collaborate with him. He sent me the track of “Rendez Vous à Paris” and I was immediately excited with it.

– Do you have a favorite Jarre album?

As I said, I was a big fan of Jean Michel Jarre albums throughout my growth. I listened to “Oxygene” tirelessly! So is this, “Oxygene”, my album of Jean Michel Jarre preferred.

– How was the recording of “Rendez Vous à Paris” in the studio?

The truth is that we didn’t recorded the song together, we recorded separately. The two got together to play the track in 2000, during the concert at the Man Ray club in Paris.

– About your violin solo on Rendez-Vous à Paris, it was your own composition or the solo was composed by JMJ himself?

When Jean Michel sent me the track, I understood that part of the violin that I thought really worked in the song, so the solo violin was written by me.

– You recorded some other songs with Jarre apart of “Rendez-Vous à Paris”?

No, we didn’t record any other song.

– How was  for you to work with Jarre?

Wonderful, a dream come true. When I met him I found a very funny. What a charming and adorable man! And with that look so amazing … ageless!

– You were not at the concert in Egypt, where he premiered many of the tracks of “Metamorphoses”, why?

I’m pretty sure it was because at that time was on tour with The Corrs. I would love to play in Egypt with Jean Michel.

– You played with Jarre in the Man Ray Club in Paris in January 2000. How was the experience?

It was great fun and very exciting for me to perform with someone I admired sooo much! And always great to be in Paris!

– You and your brothers worked together with Jarre at the IFPI in defense of your rights as artists. What do you remember about that period?

I am very passionate about music and what it gives to people and how much it enriches peoples lives! It is important for me to support always the rights of composers and artists all over the world to own and exploit their own work, so they will always have reason to create such beauty. Jean Michel is also very passionate about this.

–  Do you keep the contact with Jean Michel Jarre actually?

We did for a while. I imagine there will always be a connection because we made music together.

– Would you like to collaborate again with Jarre in the future?

Yes, absolutely!

– Tell us about your future projects.

I just released my solo album “Dream of You”. I’ve been immersed in a tour of the UK and give a bunch of concerts in Europe this fall and winter.

– Are you going to perform in Spain soon?

Try playing in Spain later this year or early next. You will have more information at:

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