More Rarities from Jean Michel Jarre

We are not talking about a new “Rarities” release from Jean Michel Jarre, but we are talking about some archives appeared on the Internet in the past few days. Here we can find an unique video of Samuel Hobo singing the early Jarre tune “Zig Zag Dance”, ¬†surrounded by ¬†a bunch of girls dancing along […]


Jarre in the “Soundtrack Maniac” Compilation

The french label Rhino, from Warner Music, has released a compilation of film music in a 4 CD box titled “Soundtrack Maniac”. Here, among other artists as Mike Oldfield, John Barry, Ennio Morricone, etc, we can find Jean Michel Jarre with his track “Les Granges Brulees (Generique”). Here is the complete tracklist. This box is […]