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New Album of Francis Rimbert: Act 1. Available for Download

Today is available for download on iTunes the first in a series of new songs by Francis Rimbert.

With the launch of this pimer volume, “ACT1” we have been in contact with the protagonist and has commented:

“When I prepare a new album, normally delivery of the memories that come to mind from the meetings I have with musicians, friends, fans, etc..

In recent years on the road touring with JMJ, I have accumulated memories of places, people, moments away from time and many other emotions that make my life as a splendid caleidoscopo. Then what I try to do is turn these memories into music.

Furthermore, on the other side are all those artists who come to spend a few hours in my studio, just for the pleasure of sharing our musical ideas.

That is why we decided to carry out a series of albums with different styles and where you can find different influences.

To start this first act I’ve chosen a fun and rambunctious group named AT KEYS.

Also, my daughter AMBRE at that time was working as a dancer in Disneyland with a group called Les tabards of Feu.

So with all this, and with my inseparable Marie-Laure we took a trip to the forest with all this gang to produce 3 videoclips, simple but fun with the sole ambition of fun. Hence arose two of the tracks of this : ACT 1: JOANNA (originally written for a Polish friend) and WHAT’S UP.

We spent hours very funny, very good times bring out in me a smile every time I see these clips. So this ACT1 begins with a note of good humor.

On the track FEET you can hear a howl through a phone and speaking in broken English saying something like “I am your servant.” The rest of this track, very funky indeed develops with these voices in English.

Finally, MEPHISTO, you can hear an acoustic guitar that gives a clear Spanish accent. This theme I composed especially for JUAN GOMIS, the webmaster of my website in Spain as well as the distributor of my albums in Spanish territory. Juan is more than a friend, is a formidable friend with a smile that can light the darkest night.

ACT1, now available on iTunes to 0.99 € each track:

1 – Joanna (3:22)

2 – Fet (3:57)

3 – Mephisto (3:51)

4 – What’s up (3:22)



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