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XVI Rendez Vous Madrid: A Big Success


The night in Madrid was filled with electronica and electrofans. The central event of the Rendez-Vous celebrated in Madrid this very weekend was a concert featuring Tonino Drums, Javi Grex (with Icarus), Xethis and Paco Dreaming, with a full house in the Sala Buho Real, even with a large queue to access to the hall.

The long duration of the concert (three hours) did not dent the mood and atmosphere of the audience, who encouraged and applauded the artists in each of the versions of Jean Michel Jarre and in his own compositions.

The surprise of the night’s was the home made Laser Harp that Paco Dreaming used to perform Oxygene 7  for an excited crowd.

Even Jean Michel Jarre himself sent a SMS for the XVI Rendez Vous:

Hello everybody at The annual Rendez Vous…I am stuck in Dortmumd receiving the Steiger Award..! I think a lot about you all tonight ..!!

Thank you so much for your support ..!

It means a lot to me..!!

I am working on a lot of new projects for next year..

I hope you will like them..!!

Lots of love

Jean Michel Jarre


Photos: Sergio Vallinas and David Muñoz


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