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November 24, 2013

Interview With Daniéle Feuillerat (Part III)

PART III RELATIONSHIP BREAKDOWN In 2002 DISQUES DREYFUS released “Sessions 2000”. This was the last album with new compositions published by JARRE in his long-time record company. Before that, in 2000, a great album (“Metamorphoses”) was launched an extraordinary concert took place in Egypt. It seems like everything was right. So, what really happened that […]

November 11, 2013

Interview With Daniéle Feuillerat (Part II)

PART II PLACE DE LA CONCORDE   JARRE, along with his records, found success with his outdoor concerts. In 1979 he held the first of them, in the Place de la Concorde. You were the production assistant. How born the idea for this concert? How was received by DREYFUS?  I remember Jarre and Drefyus wanted […]