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Rone is a new strong name onto the french electronic music scene. Knowing this, Jean Michel Jarre wanted Rone to collaborate in te second volume of Electronica. In this interview Rone kindly give us some insights about his collaboration with JMJ   

1.   How your collaboration with JMJ started?

A few years ago my label Infiné gave JMJ carte blanche to delve into the label’s catalogue and select tracks for a compilation. He chose  3 tracks of mine! I was moved. Shortly after that he asked me to join him on a radio show where he had been invited. Then we had dinner and got acquainted. I liked the man. Later he came to see me live at the Trianon and L’Olympia. That’s when he first told me about his project of a collaborative album, and he offered me to take part in it. I immediately said yes.

2. Can you describe how is the track you made with JMJ? (By the way, and for your information, your track with JMJ is the absolute  favorite  of the whole Electronica project for Jarre actual girlfriend, Heidie)

 (Oh nice! I didn’t know about that.. thanks!!) The track is an epic one, it starts in a very “cinematographic” way (personally it reminds me of spaghetti westerns or films by Japanese film Director Kurosawa) then it evolves slowly to a more rhythmic track.

3. What was your role in this collaboration? You made the music, rhytms?

Actually it’s a bit of both… JMJ came up with a very nice theme; I took it further in my studio; then he finalised it.

4. What was the process that JMJ and you followed in order to make the track? 

It was like playing ping pong. First JMJ sent me a very nice melodic loop around which I built a rhythmic track, adding a few melodic arrangements too. I sent him the result of my work which he finished by adding the bass line and the more dance floor part at the end.

5. Did Jarre send you just the track that will appear in Electronica 2 or did he send you more tracks to work on?

No, just this one theme, we had regular contact so I started immediately with that theme.

6. How is to work with JMJ?

It was very exciting because one feels one is working with a living legend! It was also very nice because humanly JMJ is also a very nice guy. Collaborating with him was really rewarding. He never made me feel like he was the one on top, he’s more the type to push you further by giving subtle advice with great humility and kindness

7. Have you known about Jarre before your collaboration?

Of course, who doesn’t know him? 🙂

8. If so, what is your favorite JMJ album and track? Have you attendend any Jarre concert? 

I never went to a Jarre concert. But the very first record that I bought was Oxygene. I heard it on the radio when I was 8 or 9 and I begged my mother to buy it for me. The only problem is that I didn’t know who it was, so I had to hum it to the record shop keeper, who immediately took the record out and said “this, my boy, is Jean-Michel Jarre!”

9. You performed in Spain several times, last time in Madrid very recently. Do you like to perform in our country? 

I love it!!! I love Spain and I love the Spanish audience! I really hope I’ll get to play there more often!

10. Please tell us about your future projects.

I am working on new tracks and some other projects on the side, for example some film score…

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